Smashing Book #3 – Redesign The Web

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The Smashing Book #3 covers innovative coding, designing and UX techniques and discusses the peculiarities of mobile context and emotional design. It also presents practical HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript techniques and also presents a bulletproof workflow for responsive Web design. Well-respected professionals have poured their heart and expertise into their contributions. The Smashing Book #3 consists of 11 quality chapters with expert advice, practical techniques and tips.

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The books are a professional guide on how to redesign websites, but they also introduce a whole new mindset for progressive Web design.

Extra Book: Smashing Book #3⅓ – The Extension

With Web design, we can do much more than inform the audience. The power of storytelling and content strategy is in creating engaging, emotional connections that transcend their platforms. In this book, we will review emerging navigation design patterns and understand how to employ a content strategy — which is an important process, often underestimated and dependent on many factors. A case study of Smashing Magazine’s responsive redesign beautifully illustrates what this approach could look like in practice.

Features Of The Book

  • A solid printed hardcover book,
  • Dimensions: 5.83 × 8.27 inches (14.8 × 21.0 cm),
  • Hardcover with round spine and high quality binding
  • 360 pages with full-color images on coated paper,
  • Worldwide availability,
  • Reduced air mail shipping,
  • Risk-free purchase with a 100-day money-back guarantee,
  • Free bonus eBook with four chapters,

Download a Free Sample Chapter
Please feel free to download the sample chapter of the Smashing Book #3, « Redesigning With Personality » by Aarron Walter. In this chapter, Aarron explains how sharing our personalities can help us create lasting relationships with users, and how it can improve the bottom line of our business. You can download the chapter 4 by Aarron Walter for free (.zip, in PDF, EPUB and Kindle formats).

« This book is worth buying and reading for yourself. It really covers many aspects of modern website production in eleven in-depth chapters. There will likely be a few you don’t care for — we all have our own tastes — but I’d be surprised if any genuinely leave you disappointed given the chance. I was quite prepared to write something less positive, the first Smashing Book didn’t excite me, but this one very much did. »

David Bushell — In his Blog

Cover Design by Veerle Pieters

The Smashing Book series has gotten a rather eye-catching facelift. The well-respected Belgian artist Veerle Pieters has taken on the significant task of putting together an innovative, bold cover design. And the result is bold indeed. Veerle’s styling of Smashing Magazine’s “S” reflects the many aspects that make up a Web designer’s workflow today.



An excerpt of Veerle’s final cover design of the Smashing Book #3⅓.

Veerle’s final sketches for the cover of the Smashing Book #3.

Exclusive Artwork by Kate McLelland

If you have the Smashing Book 2, you’ll know that animals play a distinct role — forming almost a tradition for the series. This time, we have asked the talented young illustrator Kate McLelland to illustrate the introductory pages for all of the chapters. Kate has been impressively creative in her designs; the theme of redesign has obviously shaped the tone of her artwork. Each chapter begins with an elaborate drop cap.


A detail of a chapter illustration, designed by Kate McLelland.


A detail of a chapter illustration, designed by Kate McLelland.

Each illustration employs a different metaphor that relates to the accompanying chapter. Try to see what they all are once you get your hands on the book. Appropriately enough, when strung together, the drop caps spell out “Redesign the Web.” The composite style of the illustrations reflects how so many components have to come together for a successful redesign.

« It’s a treat to hold this book. Its thick, glossy cover is so vivid as are each of the carefully crafted pages nested inside. It’s heavy because the paper and ink that make up this beauty ain’t the cheep stuff. As you read through, the silky orange ribbon will safely guard your place. This is an object to behold. Despite being comprised of contributions from so many diverse authors, it reads as a well considered narrative, each topic dovetailing into the next as if sprung from one pen. It’s testament to the editing and direction of the folks behind this book. How fortunate am I to be a co-author of such a stunning book. I hope you’ll take some time to read it. »

Aaron Walter — Author

« The entire book is wonderfully balanced between theoretical and practical, with each author contributing a strong point of view on their area of expertise as well as a thorough explanation of how to execute it in a way that is useful. In fact, that’s generally how I’d sum up what Smashing Magazine is all about now—curating the most cutting edge perspectives on the web and offering the tools and information that the rest of us need to build upon them. If you’re into that, check out this book. »

Christopher Butler — Author

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  • Pages : 12 pages
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  • Released : May 2012

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